"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pieced Together

I saw it when we were out,

Thought it was beautiful,

Realistic pictures cut into small, oddly-shaped pieces,

Attached to soft cork,

Meant to be put together in a three-dimensional pyramid.

I'd never done a 3-D one before.

I thought I'd give it a try.

It was so beautiful.

Soon the pieces were spread out all over the table

And the cutting board that was on top of it.

Four triangles slowly began to form

From the base up.

Some bits and pieces fit together

And were placed in their approximate locations

Until other bits and pieces connected them to the base.

In a couple of hours, the triangles were mostly together,

But there were still pieces missing,

Some triangles missing more than others.

Soon, though, pieces that had been tried again and again finally found homes,

Empty spaces were filled,

Triangles were made whole.

Beautiful fish swam under a night sky.

Planets hung overhead in clear view.

A boat cut through the water,

Sailing in front of the moon.

An entire galaxy was visible,

Although the shark didn't seem to notice.

The next problem was putting it all together,

Getting four flat, flimsy sides to become a pyramid.

The problem was, those sides just did not want to stay together.

I finally - barely - got three sides to stand up.

The lens offered an incredible view into the cork cavern,

An almost-made pyramid,

Squiggly lines where the pieces met,

Lines where pieces were beginning to fall away from the rest,

Evidence of compromised structural integrity.

In spite of its fragility,

I did manage to (sort of) put the last side on.

It wasn't completely together,

Seams were already being ripped apart.

Still, it truly was beautiful.

I was glad the camera was nearby to capture my attempt at piecing together this incredible scene.

I doubted I would ever attempt it again.

At least, not for awhile.

Someday soon that puzzle will be put back in its box,

Broken again,

Hundreds of tiny, broken pieces,

But some other day,

Someone might come along,

Open the box,

Dump out the pieces

And put them back together again.

Sometimes people are like this, too.

Sometimes I am like this,


Waiting for someone,

For SomeOne

To put the pieces back together,

To make me into something beautiful,

Something whole

Because I can't do it myself.

I finished the puzzle last week.

It's still sitting on the table,

Not yet put away,

But not three-dimensional anymore, either.

The triangles are pieced together in four-sixths of a hexagon.

I think it looks beautiful that way, too.

After all, there are many different kinds of beauty.

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