"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost There!

I'm so excited!

The background and harmony vocals finally got recorded a couple of days ago.

Papers were spread out all over my keyboard.

The music stand just didn't cut it.

The thermometer in my non-air-conditioned room read 82 when I started.

When I finished, it read 83.

Still, it was all done.

I transferred the files and moved on to testing my cover and booklet design.

After some tweaking, everything seemed okay.

I folded all of it and slid it into an empty box.

Unfortunately, I was out of clear trays, so I couldn't see how it looked with a tray in.

Still, I was happy with it.

I moved on to burning LightScribe images on discs.

Then Dad helped me mix the last two tracks.

They were finally all finished!

I started burning the music onto the CDs today.

Soon, a box of clear trays will be here

And I will have booklets and covers printed out

And I will put these copies of my EP together,

The culmination of months of hard work.

I'm so excited!

I enjoy doing this so much,

And it's so much fun to see everything come together.

So, the official release date will be next Tuesday,

August 16th.

I will upload the tracks to NoiseTrade then,

Assuming NoiseTrade cooperates.

In the mean time, I have things to work on . . .

Burning more discs,

Updating my bio

And my discography,

Getting the lyrics document ready for NoiseTrade,

Converting all the files into .mp3s for NoiseTrade,

Breaking out the brochure paper,

Printing booklets and covers . . .

And it's all so wonderful!

Even the things I normally would consider boring are now fun

Because I'm so excited that it's almost there,

That my hard work is finally going to be over,

Just in time to begin again.

I'm excited to be able to present this as done,

Then move on to planning my next project,

Start coming up with a tentative track list,

Start working on accompaniments -

I'm excited to do it all over again!

It feels so good to be at this part of the process again,

Almost able to say that I've accomplished something,

Glad to have come so far,

Anticipating going farther.

Well, now that I've said the same thing three or four times, I'll go back to the bottom line(s):

I'm almost done!

The EP will be released Tuesday, August 16th!

I feel more blessed than ever to be able to do this!





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