"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Moments

I've always loved taking pictures.

I always enjoy having a camera in my hand.

I like taking pictures of people,

Of monuments,

Of incredible architecture,

Of well-designed flower beds,

But most of all I like taking pictures of the little things,

The simple moments.

Time passes so quickly.

Sometimes I like to stop,

To try to catch it

Before it flies away.

So camera cards become filled with pictures of simple moments.

When I went to camp last summer, I chose to participate in a photography activity with some of the other campers.

We each took a camera and wandered around the campground, searching for things to take pictures of.

I took pictures of virtually everything I saw.

In fact, I took three or four pictures of virtually everything I saw, using different angles or different settings.

I bent down low to catch the flowers,

Pointed lens up to catch the leaves.

I think I took over four hundred photos.

Most people in the group only took a little over one hundred.

As I said, I like taking pictures of little things.

Everyday things.

Simple moments.

I love moments like these.

Grass grown high from rain,

Broken branches,

Purple flowers at twilight,

Strawberries in a glass bowl . . .

All beautiful.

As I have been taking pictures of even more simple moments to illustrate my posts, I have been enlisting aid from two little ones.

They, too, have been fascinated by the camera.

They, too, have been excited to take pictures of the little things,

The simple moments.

The camera made its way around the house, button pressed, pictures taken.

Me cutting strawberries.

Pillows and books.


Simple moments.

We've all fallen in love with the simple moments.

Pen on notebook.

Dirty counter.

 Toy-messes on table.

Toy-messes on floor.

Cooler temperatures.

Skylight bringing in sun.

All simple moments.

All beautiful.

I see the moments, camera in hand, and I just can't stop.

Empty pages.

Monopoly board.

I forgot to turn on the flash for that one.

Somehow, the accidents always come out best.

I love these simple moments,

These everyday miracles.

They come so often, . . .

And are so often missed.

I miss them, too,

Especially when I don't have the camera handy to capture them.

I'm finding ways to notice more, though.

Still, to capture the visual aspects of these moments, my favorite is the lens.

The lens captures and doesn't forget.

Words and memories can't always do that.

So the lens stays handy as much as possible,

Capturing these precious simple moments.

These sunrises . . .

And sunsets.

Everyday miracles.

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