"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Daddy, . . .

For those of you looking for my usual Wednesday post,

It is, in fact, here,

And I'm quite excited to share it with all of you,

But I'm also excited that it's Compassion Blog Month,

So I want to share this with you first.

The link to my Wednesday post is at the bottom of this one.

Dear God,



Oh, teach me to call You that!

Thank You so much for the way You've been putting the poor on my heart.

I love to see the way You work -

How You take the normal,


Everyday things -

The blogs I read,

The books I read,

The Bible verses I memorize -

And use them to point me toward what You want me to do.

I love the way You know how to get through to me,

The way You show me that people and relationships are more important than cool toys,

The way You've taught me what to do with my money,

No matter what my parents say.

I love the way You put a people right in front of me to pray about,

Then led me to think about sponsoring a child,

The way the impatience I struggle with led me to those who'd been waiting the longest,

The way You put the date right there on the page.

I know You did it for me, God,

Because I know You know just how thick my skull is,

And just how to get through it.

It's just so beautiful, God -

The way You've planned this relationship,

The way You led me to a girl who needs me,

And just prove

Again and again

That I need her more.

This relationship You've blessed me with

Has opened my eyes in ways I'd never imagined.

You've shown me glimpses of a world so different from my own,

Deep theology in a child's simple words,

The grace of a simple meal,

The beauty in writing I can't read,

The way You connect the hearts of two people who have never met,

And maybe never will.

God, I am just blown away by the way You work!

You do it again and again,

Orchestrate these perfect plans,

Work everything together for our good and Your Glory.

It's such grace.

All grace.

Thank You, God, for the crazy (yet perfect!) ways in which You lead me.

Thank You, God, for an organization dedicated to doing Your work.

Thank You, God, for a girl halfway around the world,

A girl whose name I can't even pronounce,

A picture on my fridge,

A letter I have memorized,

A love that defies all logic -

Kind of like Your love.

Thank You for teaching me.

Thank You for humbling me.

Thank You for allowing me to do this,

Even though it seems risky,

Even though people might question what a so-called “poor college student” is doing,

Committing to over five hundred dollars a year

In the hopes of touching one life.

It seems crazy.

I know it's not.

I know I can't change the world.

I can't even get myself out of bed in the morning!

But You, God?

You can do anything.

And, if You'll take this small gift,

If You'll take these imperfect words,

If You'll take this relationship,

I know You can make amazing things happen -

For both of us.

I see it already.

Thank You.

Thank You, God, for this Compassion blog month.

Thank You for the opportunity to share with others what a blessing sponsorship is.

Thank You for the opportunity to use this tiny bit of influence You have blessed me with to spread the word,

To make an impact for those 3,108 children.

I pray that You would move in people's hearts,

To provide sponsors for all the children,

Life-changing relationships for all the sponsors,

Even blow this goal out of the water with the number of people who respond, God.

I know I've seen You glorify Yourself in that way before.

I thank You so much for the 837 people You've already moved to sponsor children,

Pray for the 2,271 more.

You know the need, God.

I pray that You would glorify Yourself in bringing help and rescue -

To the physically poor and to the spiritually poor.

Above all, Lord, I pray that Your will would be done.

I know You know what is best.

Thank You again, Lord, for all of this.

I don't deserve any of it.

You are so gracious,

And You bless so abundantly!

I can never thank You enough.

In the name of Your precious Son,

In Whose Name I place all my hope,


Please visit the Compassion Sponsor a Child page and pray for or consider sponsoring one of the wonderful children listed there.  For more ideas on how you can pray, please refer to the list given in this post.

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CynthiaJSwenson said...

You have such good things here Mary! I'm coming back to look at some of the verses in Job. That book still scares & puzzles me some but of course, it blesses me! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

Mary said...

Oh, I love Job! It's one of my favorite books! And it's incredible to look at the way he sees God and his relationship to God, particularly in chapter 9 (and, of course, the ending). It's been tough counting reasons through Job, though. I don't want to leave something out that should be in there, because I don't want to put God in a box that's a comfortable size for me. I've been doing that my whole life, and now I'm seeing how horrible that really is. I have been checking my study Bible a lot though to make sure it doesn't say "This isn't actually true of God." So far it hasn't, and my view of God is definitely getting bigger and deeper. And, yes, it's difficult. But it's good for me.

Love & prayers for you, too, friend. "In Jesus." Yes. Always in Him.

Christina said...

What a beautiful heartfelt prayer, Mary. It is amazing how He works. Praying with you for all the children yet to be sponsored.

Mary said...

Oh, thank you, Christina! Yes, it is amazing how He works! Yes, praying for all of them. Halfway there!

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