"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


In busy, crazy mess,

Days and days with not enough rest,

I need a moment,

Just a moment

To breathe.

Really, really breathe.

Matthew 11:28-30

New International Version (NIV)
28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

794- 931 this week:

  1. He will not deliver enemies into the hands of His people's vast army because then they would boast against Him, claiming they were saved by their own strength (Judges 7:2)
  2. He gives enemies into His people's hands when His people's army has only three hundred men (Judges 7:7)
  3. He gives enemy camps into the hands of His people (Judges 7:9)
  4. He gives signs to the fearful (Judges 7:10-11)
  5. He encourages His people (Judges 7:11)
  6. He gives people - so many that they seemed, from a distance, thick as locusts and their camels could not be counted any more easily than the grains of sand on the seashore – into the hands of three hundred of His people (7:7-25)
  7. He sends prophetic dreams to put fear into the hearts of His people's enemies (Judges 7:13)
  8. He allows His people's enemies to have enough wisdom to be aware of their own doom (Judges 7:14)
  9. His signs are so amazing that they inspire praise and confidence in His people's hearts (Judges 7:13-15)
  10. He causes His people's enemies to turn on each other with their swords (Judges 7:22)
  11. He brings victory to His people and all they have to do is blow trumpets, smash jars, and hold torches (Judges 7:19-22)
  12. He helps His people seize even the waters of the Jordan as far as Beth Barah (Judges 7:24)
  13. He gives enemy leaders into His people's hands (Judges 7:25)
  14. He subdues enemy nations before His people, and the nations do not raise their heads again (Judges 8:28)
  15. He rescues His people from the hands of all their enemies on every side (Judges 8:34)
  16. He repays the wickedness of murderers (Judges 8:54-56)
  17. He makes nations pay for all their wickedness (Judges 8:57)
  18. He causes curses to come upon nations (Judges 8:57)
  19. He sells those who do evil and forsake Him into the hands of those who shatter and crush them (Judges 10:6-8)
  20. He rescues His people again and again and again when they cry to Him for help (Judges 10:11-12)
  21. He does not save those who repeatedly forsake Him and serve other gods (Judges 10:11-13)
  22. He cannot bear the misery of His people when they repent of their sins and turn back to Him (Judges 10:15-16)
  23. His people possess and will possess what He has given them (Judges 11:24)
  24. He is the Judge (Judges 11:27)
  25. He decides disputes (Judges 11:27)
  26. He gives His people their enemies and allows them to devastate twenty towns (Judges 11:32-33)
  27. He gives children to the childless (Judges 13:2-3)
  28. He makes the childless woman pregnant (Judges 13:3)
  29. He sets children apart before they are even born (Judges 13:5)
  30. He dedicates children to Himself before they are even born (Judges 13:5)
  31. He hears the prayers of those who ask for instructions in how to do His will (Judges 13:8-9)
  32. He does amazing things (Judges 13:19)
  33. He allows people to watch the amazing things He does (Judges 13:19)
  34. He causes flame to blaze up from an altar toward heaven (Judges 13:20)
  35. His angels ascend in the flame He has created (Judges 13:20)
  36. He accepts burnt offerings and grain offerings from the hands of His people (Judges 13:23)
  37. He shows things to His people (Judges 13:23)
  38. He tells things to His people (Judges 13:23)
  39. His word comes true, and the childless give birth to children (Judges 13:24)
  40. He blesses the child He has chosen, and His Spirit begins to stir in him (Judges 13:24-25)
  41. He puts desires in His people's hearts (Judges 13:1-4)
  42. He seeks occasions to confront those He has allowed to rule over His people (Judges 13:4)
  43. His Spirit comes powerfully on the ones He has chosen (Judges 14:6)
  44. He enables people to tear apart lions with their bare hands (Judges 14:6)
  45. He enables a single person to strike down thirty men and strip them of everything (Judges 14:19)
  46. He gives people the power to catch three hundred foxes (Judges 15:4)
  47. He makes ropes become like charred flax and drop from the hands of the one they bound (Judges 15:14)
  48. He gives a person the strength to kill a thousand men with the jawbone of a donkey (Judges 15:15)
  49. He gives His servants great victories (Judges 15:18)
  50. He opens up hollow places (Judges 15:19)
  51. He gives His thirsty people water out of the hollow places (Judges 15:18-19)
  52. He gives water from the hollow places and His water brings strength and revives His servant (Judges 15:19)
  53. He gives people the strength to tear apart the city gates (Judges 16:3)
  54. He gives people the strength to snap bowstrings easily (Judges 16:9)
  55. He gives people the strength to snap ropes as though they were threads (Judges 16:12)
  56. He gives people the strength to pull up the pin and the loom and the fabric with their hair (Judges 16:13-14)
  57. He leaves the Nazirite whose hair is cut (Judges 16:17-20)
  58. He remembers His servants (Judges 16:28-30)
  59. He returns and strengthens those whom He had left (Judges 16:28-30)
  60. He allows His servant to kill more of his enemies in his death than in his life (Judges 16:30)
  61. He tells His people who should go first (Judges 20:18)
  62. He tells His people who to go up against (Judges 20:23)
  63. He sends His people to be defeated twice (Judges 20:18-36)
  64. He promises victory for His people (Judges 20:28)
  65. He defeats Benjamin before Israel (Judges 20:35)
  66. He comes to the aid of His people (Ruth 1:6)
  67. He provides food for His people (Ruth 1:6)
  68. He makes people's lives bitter (Ruth 1:20)
  69. He brings people back empty (Ruth 1:21)
  70. He afflicts people (Ruth 1:21)
  71. His people can take refuge under His wings (Ruth 2:12)
  72. He does not leave His people without a guardian-redeemer (Ruth 4:14)
  73. He hears the prayers of those who cry out to Him in anguish (1 Samuel 1:10-20)
  74. He hears the prayers of His people prayed in the heart (1 Samuel 1:12-20)
  75. He hears those who pour out their souls to Him (1 Samuel 1:15-20)
  76. He lifts up the faces of the downcast (1 Samuel 1:18-20)
  77. He remembers those who cry out to Him in their grief (1 Samuel 1:15-19)
  78. He gives children to the barren who ask (1 Samuel 1:20)
  79. He is the joy of His people's hearts (1 Samuel 2:1)
  80. He is the horn - the strength - of His people, lifted high (1 Samuel 2:1)
  81. He delivers, and His people delight in His deliverance (1 Samuel 2:1)
  82. He is Holy, and there is no one Holy like Him (1 Samuel 2:2)
  83. There is no one besides Him (1 Samuel 2:2)
  84. There is no Rock like Him – God of His people (1 Samuel 2:2)
  85. He knows (1 Samuel 2:3)
  86. He weighs deeds (1 Samuel 2:3)
  87. He breaks the bows of the warriors (1 Samuel 2:4)
  88. He arms those who stumbled with strength (1 Samuel 2:4)
  89. He makes the full hungry (1 Samuel 2:5)
  90. He fills the hungry (1 Samuel 2:5)
  91. He gives to the barren many children (1 Samuel 2:5)
  92. He allows the one who had many sons to pine away (1 Samuel 2:5)
  93. He brings death (1 Samuel 2:6)
  94. He makes alive (1 Samuel 2:6)
  95. He brings down to the grave (1 Samuel 2:6)
  96. He raises up (1 Samuel 2:6)
  97. He sends poverty (1 Samuel 2:7)
  98. He sends wealth (1 Samuel 2:7)
  99. He humbles (1 Samuel 2:7)
  100. He exalts (1 Samuel 2:7)
  101. He raises the poor from the dust (1 Samuel 2:8)
  102. He lifts the needy from the ash heap (1 Samuel 2:8)
  103. He seats the poor and needy whom He has raised with princes (1 Samuel 2:8)
  104. He gives to those who were once needy an inheritance of a throne of honor (1 Samuel 2:8)
  105. The foundations of the earth are His (1 Samuel 2:8)
  106. He has set the world on the foundations of the earth (1 Samuel 2:8)
  107. He guards the feet of His faithful servants (1 Samuel 2:9)
  108. He silences the wicked in the place of darkness (1 Samuel 2:9)
  109. Even the strong cannot prevail against Him (1 Samuel 2:9-10)
  110. Those who oppose Him will be broken (1 Samuel 2:10)
  111. He thunders from heaven (1 Samuel 2:10)
  112. He judges the ends of the earth (1 Samuel 2:10)
  113. He gives strength to His kings (1 Samuel 2:10)
  114. He exalts the horn of His anointed (1 Samuel 2:10)
  115. He sees those who treat Him with contempt as having very greatly sinned (1 Samuel 2:11)
  116. He is gracious and gives to those who give to Him (1 Samuel 2:20-21)
  117. He mediates for people who sin against each other (1 Samuel 2:24)
  118. No person can intercede for those who sin against Him (1 Samuel 2:25)
  119. He keeps people from listening (1 Samuel 2:25)
  120. He keeps people from listening and turning from their sins because it is His will to put them to death (1 Samuel 2:25)
  121. He clearly reveals Himself to those whom He chooses (1 Samuel 2:27)
  122. He chooses people to go up to His altar (1 Samuel 2:28)
  123. He gives to the priests He has chosen all the food offerings presented by the Israelites (1 Samuel 2:28)
  124. He speaks through men (1 Samuel 2:27)
  125. He honors those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2:30)
  126. He disdains those who despise Him (1 Samuel 2:31)
  127. He cuts short the strength of those who despise Him (1 Samuel 2:30-31)
  128. He keeps people from reaching old age (1 Samuel 2:31)
  129. There is distress in His dwelling when people turn from Him (1 Samuel 2:30-32)
  130. He does good to His nation, His people (1 Samuel 2:32)
  131. He cuts those who despise Him off from serving at His altar (1 Samuel 2:30-33)
  132. Those who despise Him whom He does not cut off from serving at His altar He spares only to destroy their sight and sap their strength (1 Samuel 2:30-33)
  133. He causes the descendents of those who despise Him to die in the prime of life (1 Samuel 2:30-33)
  134. He causes brothers who despise Him to die on the same day (1 Samuel 2:30-34)
  135. He raises up for Himself a faithful priest (1 Samuel 2:35)
  136. He raises up those who will do according to what is in His heart and mind (1 Samuel 2:35)
  137. He firmly establishes His priestly house (1 Samuel 2:35)
  138. He allows His priests to minister before His anointed one always (1 Samuel 2:35)

Sorry there wasn't more this week.

Thank you for grace.

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