"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yahushua: The God Who Saves

It's still there.

It's been there for days,

Ever since I was sitting on the couch,


With a song stuck in my head,

Which reminded me of the VeggieTales Jonah movie,

Which reminded me of Jonah 2:2-9,

Which reminded me of a song I wrote based on that passage.

As I sat, I heard the song,

In a way I rarely hear my songs,



And accompaniment.

I almost never hear the accompaniment.

The words come with the melody,

The melody comes with the words,

But the accompaniment rarely presents itself.

When it does, I can never manage to imitate the notes I hear when I sit down at/with an instrument.

I'm just bad at accompaniments.

That day, though, I heard it

And I felt like I had to try to play it,

So my afghan-in-progress (about the size of a scarf at that point) was left abandoned on the couch.

I retreated to my room,

Plugged in my keyboard,

Turned on the speakers,

And began to play.

I slowly coaxed notes from keys,

Awkwardly repositioned fingers to play different chords,

Played notes over and over again,

Played and sang to make sure the melody sounded okay with the accompaniment,

Made changes,

Played again

And again

And again.

I did it.

I managed to reproduce the accompaniment I heard using my keyboard.

Well, more or less.  It still needed work.

I pulled out my laptop and used its microphone to record what I'd come up with,

My hesitant chord progressions,

My tiny improvisations,

Then I went back to practicing for my performance.

I haven't touched the song since,

I've been busy with many things lately,

But the book lies open on my keyboard,

Covering screen and buttons,

Touching black keys,

Reminding me of the blessing of writing an accompaniment better than most I've come up with,

Reminding me to play it again

And again

And again . . .


When I have time.

I thanked God,

Still thank Him

For this blessing,

Beautiful and precious,

Calling Him by the name I learned writing the song,

The God who saves.

Thank You, Saving God,

Thank You.

The bold, italicized words, as well as the words in the pictures are from the song "Yahushua (Jonah's Prayer)" by Mary Schieferstein, ©2011 Mary Schieferstein.

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