"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jeremiah 22:16

For the first time in a few months, the email comes to my inbox.

"Write about the Bible verse that prompted you to begin serving others and continues to guide and encourage you as you serve."

So I'm writing.

I forget how I found it.

I think I encountered it while I was reading through the Bible last year.

The book was toward the end of the list.

Anyway, I read it,

And thought, "Really?

It's really that important?"

I mean, I'd always thought that it was important,

But this?

It took it to a whole new level.

"He gave justice and help to the poor and needy, and everything went well for him.  Isn't that what it means to know me?" says the LORD.(Jeremiah 22:16, NLT)
Forget the "everything went well for him".

I'm pretty sure it's completely Biblical to want the rewards God offers,

But there's something in that verse I want so much more:

To know Him.

And He says,

"Isn't that what it means to know me?"

"Isn't that what it means to know me?"




To the poor and needy,

Is what it means to know God?

I want to know God.

It was no coincidence this verse came to me as God was working on my heart

To become a Compassion blogger

And to sponsor a child.

And it does continue to motivate me today.

God cares about these things

And, when I care about them,

It makes me more like Him

And helps me to understand His heart,

His character.

"He gave justice and help to the poor and needy, and everything went well for him.  Isn't that what it means to know me?"

I don't need everything to go well.

If He blesses, I will be grateful,

But, if He doesn't,

No matter how hard it is in the moment,

He will be enough.

What I really need -

More than anything -

Is to know Him.

Just to know Him.

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

Check back Saturday for a little excitement here . . .
Well, I think it's exciting . . . I hope you will, too!


Anonymous said...

I have the same desire to know Him...more each day!

nancy said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your heart and journey.

Jill Foley said...

I love this, Mary.

Just to know Him...yes!

I'm here from Compassion's blog hop and I appreciate your voice in this conversation.

Mary said...

Oh, yes, "Composed By Grace", such desire to know Him! More each day! Thank you for stopping by and blessing me with your words!

Mary said...

Hello, Nancy! Thank you for taking a moment to share with me! It's encouraging to know that God uses my imperfect words to bless others. It's all Him!

Mary said...

Thank you, Jill! Yes, to know Him - really know Him! Thank you for coming by through this blog hop. I appreciate your voice in all this, too! So good to hear from so many about how God's Word has led them and sustained them. God bless!

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