"No matter where I am, your teachings fill me with songs." - Psalm 119:54 (CEV)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bare Feet - #200!

So busy today!

I just wanted to take a moment

To share one of my latest songs with you.

It's number 200,

Another big landmark for me -

That I've done this more than two hundred times

And still can't stop.

All grace!

Bare Feet 

I'm wearing knee-high socks
Hidden beneath my boots,
Trying to live up to
Others' lofty views.

I will pretend that
I have money and class
By dressing nice
And learning how to act.

I believe that all my worth
Comes from how I am seen,
So I will put on a show
Set in a land where I am queen.

All the ugliness
Of my imperfect feet
Is hidden safely away
Several layers deep.

There is no way that
Anyone could know
What is buried beneath
All of my clothes.

I believe that to have worth
I must carefully hide
All the bad things about me,
Keep them tucked away inside.

Will You teach me the truth?
Will You teach me to believe
In something so much greater
Than all these things I think I need?

Will You help me get these boots off,
And get rid of these socks, too?
Teach me to not fear the dirt,
Teach me to live without shoes.

Will You teach me to be humble,
To think little of myself
As I use Your loving eyes
To see everyone else?

Will You teach me to be open,
Help me to tear down these walls?
I wanna be honest and transparent
And admit to every fault.

I've been living for so long now
For all these silly things.
Will You teach me how to walk
With open hands and bare feet?

I pray that I would learn

To live openly,



To not hide everything I consider to be wrong with me,

To admit my faults,

To show who I am,

No matter how terrifying that seems.

After all, I should not need the praise of people,

I should not get my worth from meeting this world's standards,

My hope and my confidence should be in Him alone.

He is the only thing I really need.

All else is gift,


Abundant grace.

I hope these few short, disconnected thoughts mean something to you today.  If so, praise Him for grace!  If not, thanks for reading anyway.

The bold, italicized words are lyrics to the song "Bare Feet" by Mary Schieferstein,  ©2011 Mary Schieferstein.

"The Only Thing I Need" is an incredible song performed by 4Him.  It the version found on the album Streams, Jon Anderson of Yes sings some of the vocal parts.  (It sounds amazing!  I highly recommend it!)

I wanted to join in over here today, but nothing has been posted yet.  Oh, well.  Walking with Him anyway.


Sylvia said...

Omagoodness, Mary, I just spent the late afternoon today reading and thinking about this very thing, as expressed in writing three hundred years old--the way we get trained away from humility to "measuring up" to the world's false standards (or projecting the image that we do). I guess it's an age-old battle. But one worth fighting! Thank you for this.

Mary Schieferstein said...

Hello, Sylvia!
I'm glad my words managed to speak to you again!
Oh, yes, we can be so good at this - this hiding our faults in the hopes of meeting some impossible standard. We can become so caught up in the image the world tells us to project that we forget about the people we're called to be. Oh, I am so guilty of this! So, so much still to learn.
Thank God for grace!

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